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Photos by Chris Lock

The Boyton and Corton Community Legacy WebSite

The purpose of the Community Legacy website is to be the repository for material judged to have a legacy value for the parish, as decided by its manager after taking advice as may be deemed necessary.  In April 2022 when this website was opened, this material consisted of:

Social History of Boyton and Corton, the 2012 Parish Plan, Church Guide and Commemoration of Contribution made by the Parishes of Boyton with Corton and Sherrington to the Great War being made public on 22 April 2022.

On 5 June 2022 the church of the Blessed Mary at Boyton Illustrated Visitors' Guide to the Historic Glass and its Conservation was added.

In early August 2022, a photograph of the parish Platinum Jubilee Lunch was added. Accompanying words were inserted in April 2023.

Its manager will initially be Alex Saunt.  Michael Walsh has kindly agreed to take over when necessary

Persons wishing to contribute material for inclusion in the Community Legacy website should submit it to its manager who reserves the right not to accept material deemed to be unsuitable.

Any persons wishing to have any material on the Community Legacy website amended or withdrawn, including under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), should inform its manager.

The material in this website may be downloaded and is available for personal use only.  Any publication or public use of the material from this website must be approved by the manager.

The Boyton and Corton Parish Council is not responsible for the Community Legacy website or for any other link or external website, nor for their contents.