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(Photos by Steve Harris)

The Boyton and Corton Parish Platinum Jubilee Lunch, 5th June 2022

Monday, 31 January 2022 a meeting was held in the Fane Hall, the parish hall, to decide how we would celebrate HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

At this meeting, which Sarah Harris had volunteered to chair, her family having only recently moved into Corton, the framework for the jubilee celebrations was agreed.   There would be:

A tree planted    Richard Adams agreed to organise this.  As a result an oak tree was planted in the corner of the field, owned by Carol Thelwell, beside the footpath leading to the railway line.

Household data on the day   The idea was that every household in the parish would record all relevant data about itself thus enabling a complete analysis of the community to be available for posterity.   For this purpose Robin Grist, the instigator of this idea, produced a format for us to complete.  Unfortunately, very few people were happy to give this information. So the idea was dropped.

Bonfire and bbq    We would have a bonfire to combine with the national coverage.   This of course was a popular idea.    Wheatley-Hubbard Farms undertook to organise this, and a bbq to go with it, on Thursday, June 2 at the head of the track ascending the down from the east end of Boyton.   Earlier that evening a special Jubilee service was held in Boyton church and the bells tolled in honour of the Queen.

A magnificent Jubilee lunch was arranged for Sunday, June 5 by Sarah and the Fane Hall committee.   Tentage and tables etc were positioned in School Field, next to the hall by an army of willing helpers and food was provided by many parishioners.    The weather was kind and well over 100 people attended, as shown by the accompanying images.

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